Update 1.20.4 is live!

This update is fixing some of the recent issues, as all the 1.20.x ones have done in the last couple of weeks since 1.20.

What happened with the 1.20 announcement? Well, it got lost in the voids beyond Tinka’s Domain, we think.

This also marks the start of our deep dive into the development of the first DLC, and the 1.30 update that comes with it. The update will feature many improvements on the base game, and make way for the DLC content, which has the bulk of the new stuff.

Keep an eye on social media and our Discord for teasers on upcoming content! Also check out the Roadmap to see estimated release dates of everything planned for the rest of the year.

Here’s the full change log, on Steam as always.

You can read the lost 1.20.0 announcement details on Steam here too.

Stay tuned!

An invitation to the test builds & plans for next year

Hello everyone!

As discussed in the previous announcement, I have some test builds up where you can try out the new features of the next update. I would like to invite anyone who is interested to check it out, and give an update on what the plans for next year is. You can read the full announcement on Steam!

Happy Holidays!