Update 0.71.0 Now Live – Holiday Event and New Berserker Sets!

This year’s last update features a special Holiday event! Tinka has been messing with The Chronicon again to create his own workshop, creating piles of gifts.. but something’s gone wrong! So it’s up to you to “clean up the mess” as he requests…

This update also features the first iteration of the new and updated class sets. First out is the Berserker with 8 fresh new sets and a ton of skill changes to accommodate this. Each class will receive and update of their own in a similar fashion over the next couple months.

You can read the full announcement and update notes on the Steam Community.

See you next year!

Major Content Update #2 is live! + Special holiday event!

The second Major Content Update has hit – offering over 200 skills in the new advanced skill trees, many new items, and a ton of fixes and balancing!
There’s also a special Holiday event where monsters drop wrapped gifts of varying qualities. Go hunt your gifts!

Full notes here, announcement here.



Happy Holidays!