Subworld is a two-person independent game studio based near Gothenburg, Sweden.
It has been run since its founding day in summer 2015 by Daniel “Squarebit” Stigsjöö. In 2021, Daniel’s fiancée Marika “Marruu” Assgård joined the team.


Chronicon is the first commercial game developed by Subworld. It was originally meant to be a small rogue-lite game, a yearlong project at the most.
However it rapidly grew into something much, much larger, and after a year and a half of quiet development, Chronicon was submitted to Steam Greenlight as an ARPG.
In no more than 2 weeks, Chronicon was approved by the Steam Community, and was soon released in the Early Access program.
Here it spent 5 years, growing from a small and simple game into a fully fledged ARPG.
During this time, a community also formed around Chronicon. Members of the community would enthusiastically share their ideas and suggestions with each other and the developer, and many of those ideas are in the game today.
In August 2020, Chronicon finally graduated from Early Access and became a full game.

Chronicon greatly exceeded both reception and sales expectations, and earned a Silver award as a top Early Access Graduate of 2020.

With the launch success, both Chronicon and Subworld have secured a future in games, and Subworld hopes to be able to support Chronicon with both free and paid DLC for the foreseeable future

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