Update 1.40.0 is live!

Update 1.40.0 is finally here with the Elixir rework we’ve been wanting to do forever, some much needed set/build balance, some equally needed performance boosts, and our 4th supported language: French!

We’re working on adding more languages, as well as some other big new things, which we will be announcing in the next month – so keep an eye out for that!

For now, please enjoy the 1.40.0 update, for which you’ll find the full notes on Steam, as always,

Update 1.31.0 is live, and DLC will launch next year!

We’ve decided to split the DLC and its accompanying update into two separate updates, as we realized we’d never make it on time with DLC without the quality suffering. And we can’t do that! So the update is live now, and the DLC will be live early next year instead! A little later than intended, but just as good as intended.

Read the full thing & patch notes on Steam, as always.