Thanks for another great year of Chronicon!

As the year’s coming to an end we’d like to thank everyone for another great one, and also give you a little hint of what’s coming next.

We’ve been working hard with a brand new game, which we’ll be announcing properly sometime in the next year. Though for now, we can let you know that it’s part of the Chronicon universe, and that it’ll be something on a smaller scale than Chronicon. But we hope to make it just as fun!

We know a lot of people are excited for the possibility of a sequel, but after 9 years of Chronicon, we really want to do some shorter projects, and try some new things first.
After that, however… who knows? 

Thanks again for another great year. We want to wish you happy holidays, and a happy new year!
Stick around for more news, and we’ll see you next year!

– Squarebit & Marruu