An invitation to the test builds & plans for next year

Hello everyone!

As discussed in the previous announcement, I have some test builds up where you can try out the new features of the next update. I would like to invite anyone who is interested to check it out, and give an update on what the plans for next year is. You can read the full announcement on Steam!

Happy Holidays!

Major Content Update #6 Live!

Another Major Content Update goes live, and this time it’s a little bit different!

This update is heavily focused on mechanics and the progression experience from 1-100. All skills have had their cooldowns reworked to be much lower, meaning they feel better early on. Ultimate skills have made a comeback by being made much more useful overall and widely applicable. There’s also a brand new Quest Tracker which should vastly improve the leveling and Story experience.

In addition to that there’s been a ton of tweaks to companion and enemy AI, interface elements and text, stats and enchants, and there’s plenty of new items and legendary powers to be found.

Not to mention there’s now also a Hardcore Mode and Linux support!

Read the full announcement on Steam.

Update 0.75.0 Now live – Warlock Update and Performance Boosts!

The final class update is finally here – The Warlock.
All sets updated, passive skills updated, and a few brand new items and skills to boot!

This update should also improve performance and drastically reduce the amount of stuttering and slow downs you may have experienced in crazier fights.
It should be a much smoother experience overall.

Next up is taking a final look at all classes combined, changing their ultimate and companion skills, as well as stat interactions and enchants.
There will also be some sought after new mechanics as coming…
Stay tuned for that!

Read the full notes on Steam!